Neurological Consult Using Audiovisual Tools


How effective is the telemedicine versus telephonic approach in acute care?

A study from an academic teaching hospital examined the efficacy of a telemedicine device in general neurology in a 450-bed medical facility.1

It looked at “the feasibility and possible effects of a telemedicine device within the neurological back-up service of an acute care hospital.” The study was conducted using an audiovisual telemedicine approach, in which attending physicians, helping junior physicians, could examine newly admitted patients from the emergency department.

The results indicated the admitting diagnosis using a telemedicine approach was confirmed in 74%, compared with 58% using telephone only advice. Audiovisual consultation was deemed a valuable contribution in three quarters of cases seen.


1. Janssen F, Awadallah M, Alhalabi A, et al. Telemedicine in general neurology: use of audiovisual consultation for on call back-up service in an acute care hospital. J Neurol. 2018;265:880-884.

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