NeurologyLive Friday 5 — November 13, 2020


Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive's highlights from the week ending November 13, 2020.

Welcome to NeurologyLive's Friday 5! Every week, the staff compiles 5 highlights of NeurologyLive's widespread coverage in neurology, ranging from newsworthy study findings and FDA action to expert interviews and peer-to-peer panel discussions.

1: Jennifer Frontera, MD: Challenges in Determining Death Directly Related to COVID-19

The professor of neurology at the NYU Langone Grossman School of Medicine outlined the confusion on whether deaths are related to COVID-19, a symptom associated, or previously unidentified underlying condition.

2: Key Takeaways from the 8th ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2020 Meeting

Robert Naismith, MD, shares key takeaways from the 8th ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2020 meeting, including the impact of anti-CD20 therapy compared with other agents on the risk of severe disease from COVID-19.

3: Jacqueline French, MD: Barriers to Identifying Nonmotor Seizures

The director of Translational Research and Clinical Trials Epilepsy at NYU Grossman School of Medicine discussed the need to improve education about nonmotor seizures.

4: NeuroVoices: James Beck, PhD, on Genetic Testing in Parkinson Disease

The chief scientific officer of the Parkinson’s Foundation discussed how the PD GENEration initiative tackles 1 of the greatest unmet needs for patients with Parkinson disease.

5: Embracing Telemedicine-Based Interventions in Multiple Sclerosis

Leigh Charvet, PhD, clinical neuropsychologist, Division of MS, NYU Langone Health, and professor of neurology, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, discusses the adoption and potential of validated digital and tele-based approaches for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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4 KOLs are featured in this series.
4 KOLs are featured in this series.
4 KOLs are featured in this series.
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