NeurologyLive® Top Expert Interviews: November 2021


Expert clinicians offer their perspectives on transitional care in pediatric MS, a biomarker for SUDEP, and a novel approach to narcolepsy, among other topics.

The NeurologyLive® team has been as busy as always bringing you the latest clinical news and research updates in neurology over the last month, including conducting several interviews with experts across a number of different and varying topics.

Among these included a conversation on the use of focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier for Alzheimer disease therapy with Ali Rezai, MD; the potential of MCHR1 antagonists in the treatment of narcolepsy with Thomas Scammell, MD; preparing teens with multiple sclerosis for the transition to adult care with Vikram Bhise, MD; the findings of the NAVIGATE-ESUS trial in stroke with Alexander Merkler, MD, MS; and the possibility of short-term heart rate variability as a biomarker for sudden unexplained death in epilepsy with Orrin Devinsky, MD.

Click through the slides to see and read more from each expert’s exclusive conversation with NeurologyLive® in November 2021.

To hear more insight from experts in the clinical care of patients and leading researchers in neurology, check out more of NeurologyLive®'s videos.

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