Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman, Managing Editor for NeurologyLive, has covered medical news for MJH Life Sciences, NeurologyLive’s parent company, since 2017. He hosts the NeurologyLive Mind Moments podcast, as well as the Medical World News show, Second Opinion. Follow him on Twitter @byMattHoffman or email him at


The Potential of Sleepio and CBT in the Poststroke Recovery Process

May 14, 2022

The cofounder and chief scientist at Big Health and professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford discussed the recent findings of a study of Sleepio in poststroke rehabilitation and the role that cognitive behavioral therapy could play in that care process.

An AI Morphology Array’s Potential to Improve Parkinson Diagnosis

May 13, 2022

John F. Crary, MD, PhD, and Jerry Fernandez, MD, offer insight into PreciseDx's AI Morphology Feature Array and how this technology can improve neuropathology and diagnosis for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson disease.

Physicians Express Positivity About Alzheimer Disease Progress, Desire for Improved Dementia Testing Practices

May 13, 2022

A Harris Poll conducted by Quest Diagnostics suggests that more than 65% of US physicians believe the Alzheimer disease field is on the cusp of a breakthrough, with more than 80% noting that earlier evaluation with blood testing may help improve therapeutic approaches.

Rapid Progress in ALS: A Reflection of Advances in Neuromuscular Disorder Care

May 12, 2022

With a burst of activity in recent months, the pipeline of development for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has proven to be a miniature likeness of the wider progress being made in the care and management of neuromuscular disorders.