Pregnancy and Family Planning Considerations When Treating Multiple Sclerosis


In this episode of MEDcast, Dr Krieger, Dr Brandstadter, and Dr Bove discuss MS care in patients who are considering pregnancy. They highlight treatment options, monitoring recommendations during and after pregnancy, as well as other crucial considerations when caring for patients with childbearing goals.

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1:38 Change in fertility and family planning in MS over the years

3:47 Dr. Bove’s work on supporting family planning goals for MS patients

5:11 Shortcomings of MS drug labeling for pregnancy

9:08 Pre-pregnancy planning and assisted reproductive technology

12:30 Communication among neurologists, OB/GYN, and other teams

16:16 Assisted reported technology, GnRH agonists and MS

19:30 MS care during the post-partum period

24:22 MS medications during breastfeeding

31:40 Frequency of administration of DMTs in new mothers

33:40 Advice for neurologists caring for women of childbearing age

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