Shift in Day-to-Day Practices in Epilepsy Care: Anup Patel, MD


The pediatric neurologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital talked about the year-over-year changes in day-to-day clinical practice of patients with epilepsy. [WATCH TIME: 4 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 4 minutes

“Having the electronic health record, which we call clinical informatics, has been super helpful. I think it's going to only grow in 2023. I've already seen benefits and improvements as far as responses from my patients.”

Electroencephalography (EGG) provides clinicians with a record of their patient’s electrical activity in the brain and is helpful for detecting seizures. Pairing those recordings with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that include algorithms could help in predicting seizures, as well as having more of a patient-centered approach to treatment. Although there is limited research in the use of algorithms in epilepsy care, there is more potential for those opportunities in the coming months, says Anup Patel, MD. Besides EEG algorithms, clinical informatics such as using electronic health records also are helpful in connecting relevant information from multiple health centers across the United States to improve patient care.

In a recent interview with NeurologyLive®, Patel, a pediatric neurologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital, sat down to talk about the current changes he has observed in his clinical practice in 2023 compared with previous years. Patel, who also serves as a professor of clinical pediatrics and neurology at Nationwide Children's Hospital and at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, discussed the shift in using more advanced technology to improve care for patients with epilepsy, including incorporating more algorithms to help with creating more targeted therapies. He also explained how the use of electronic health records has assisted clinicians more in helping to stay organized and monitor their patients.

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