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Here's what is coming soon to NeurologyLive.

Every week, the NeurologyLive staff prepares this preview of what to expect from our coverage. This week on NeurologyLive, there are a number of hot topics that we will be posting throughout the week. As always, our weekly coverage extends beyond just these topics, so make sure to check out the rest of the site!

The final features from NeurologyLive's August 2021 print issue go live online this week. Make sure to check out the rest of the issue, including our letter from the guest editor in chief, Jurriaan Peters, MD, PhD, who detailed the need to redefine outcomes in pediatric epilepsy surgery in a preview of the issue's cover story from Rohini Coorg, MD. Our other features tackle the differentiation of tardive dyskinesia from other movement disorders, by Laxman Bahroo, DO, and Jonathan Isaacson, MD; and the clinical application of the latest updates to the secondary stroke prevention guidelines by Sana Somani, MD, and Prachi Mehndiratta, MBBS, FAHA.

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On Friday, August 27, the 45th episode of the NeurologyLive "Mind Moments" podcast will premiere, featuring an exclusive conversation with Adolofo Ramirez-Zamora, MD, associate professor, program director, and division chief, Movement Disorders Division, University of Florida. He joined NeurologyLive to discuss the latest developments in the care of patients with advanced Parkinson disease, what challenges still need to be addressed, how he foresees the field progressing, and the therapeutic pipeline, among other topics.

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Season 3 of the MJH Life Sciences Medical World News streaming channel continues this week. Although NeurologyLive is not contributing to Deep Dive this week, a number of exciting episodes of shows such as Inside the Practice and Wellbeing Checkup are coming to you live! Additionally, there are 2 seasons worth of episodes to watch for all of our original shows, so check out the on-demand library of available interviews, debates, and bits of advice.

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The latest in our NeuroVoices series, dedicated to conversations with leaders in the neurology community, goes live on Wednesday, August 25. This week, a conversation with Shazam Hussain, MD, director, Cerebrovascular Center, Cleveland Clinic, is set to premiere. The stroke expert sat down to discuss his recently published findings on improved recanalization rates and clinical outcomes using IV tPA during the "golden hour" to treat patients with emergent large vessel occlusion. He provided background on the clinical significance of the results, how stroke care can be improved, and future aspirations for expanded research within the space.

To check out the prior NeuroVoices conversations, click here.

The final episodes of our Insights series, "Case-Based Insights: Expert Perspectives on the Treatment of Adult-Onset SMA," are up online this week, featuring expert neurologists Arun S. Varadhachary, MD, PhD, and James Wymer, MD, who discuss individual patient cases involving the treatment of adult-onset spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Their conversations thus far have covered the presentation of the disease, treatment options for management, and the lingering unmet needs for this population, among other topics.

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The 3rd Annual International Congress on the Future of Neurology® is coming up! The virtual meeting, which will showcase the most recent advancements in neurologic disorders, is being held September 17-18, 2021. The target audience for this activity is physicians who treat patients with neurologic disorders. Fellows, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care professionals interested in the management of patients with neurologic disorders are also invited to participate.

The learning objectives of the program are:

  • Outline current and emerging diagnostic concepts for neurologic disorders
  • Explain clinical evidence for the management of neurologic disorders across multiple lines of care
  • Summarize the mechanism of action of therapeutic agents used to manage neurologic disorders
  • Prepare strategies for early recognition and management of treatment-related toxicities associated with neurologic therapies
  • Apply multidisciplinary care strategies for optimizing patient outcomes in the setting of neurologic disorders
  • Assess recent landmark data from clinical trials in the context of evolving treatment paradigms in neurology
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