Understanding the Challenges of Migraine Through Personal Experience: Courtney White, MD


The headache specialist at Jefferson Headache Center discussed the array of issues patients with migraine face and why her personal experience may resonate with patients. [WATCH TIME: 3 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 3 minutes

"With something [like migraine] that is such a silent disease, it can be helpful in creating that patient-provider connection. Again, you don’t need to have gone through this to be a good clinician—but, through these experiences, I know what it’s like when I have to order an MRI for a patient, for example.”

Earlier this month, advocacy organization Miles for Migraine hosted an event within the Philadelphia area that included 2-mile walk, 5-kilometer run, and post-event brunch, concluding with clinicians answering questions about relevant topics within the migraine space, including diagnosis, treatment options, and health disparities. Among them included Courtney White, MD, a headache specialist at Jefferson Headache Center who most recently graduated from its residency program in 2020.

White delivered a short, but powerful speech at the event, describing her own personal experience when she got her first migraine attack. She discussed the challenges she faced, along with the years of improperly being diagnosed. While she says her experience does not make her a better clinician, she does see why patients feel a sense of comfort knowing she’s been through similar challenges.

NeurologyLive sat down with White at the event to get her perspective on the challenges patients with migraine face, along with how her story has impacted her education and clinical career as a headache specialist.

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