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NeurologyLive Editor in Chief Stephen D. Silberstein, MD discusses the importance of reaching a treatment effect that makes a significant difference in patients' lives. 
This week’s edition features highlights from NeurologyLive’s coverage of the American Headache Society’s annual scientific meeting.
Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, past AHS president and Editor in Chief of NeurologyLive, provides a preview of premier sessions that will take place at the upcoming annual meeting.
Key opinion leaders provide practical recommendations for optimizing initial non-responder experiences by using CGRP inhibitors long term.
The panel discusses how CGRPs for migraine may delay or protect against the development of cardiovascular disease due to their vasodilation effect.
Expert physicians emphasize the mechanism of action of antibodies and discuss their effect on the immune system during treatment of migraine.
Physicians explain the mechanism of action of the OnabotulinumtoxinA with reference to migraine therapy.
Experts share opinions on the advent of injectable monoclonal antibodies for migraine therapy & their positive outcomes in patients with comorbid conditions.
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