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October 2022

Use of Nanoparticles to Combat Neurodegenerative Disease

November 10, 2022


Available neurodegenerative disease treatments are generally unsafe and ineffective at penetrating the blood-brain barrier, though the use of nanoparticles can provide improved penetration and exert a neuroprotective effect.

Advocacy and Empowerment: Finding Your Advocacy Community

November 09, 2022


The Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum, or PALF, sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology, gives neurologists and trainees tools to successfully advocate for their ideas and develop their identity as physician advocates.

Advocacy in Neurology: A Tool to Serve and Find Fulfillment

November 07, 2022

Letter From the Editor

Acting as an advocate is meaningful to neurologists because it speaks to their inner core—or their “why.” Neurologists have the agency to make this world a better place while working as a neurologist and an advocate at many levels.

Seizures and Study: One Mother’s Journey to Cure Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

March 26, 2022


How Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD, the executive director of the LGS Foundation, went from a new mother to a neuroscientist, and her decades-long quest to improve the lives of patients like her daughter, Savannah.

Alternative Career Paths: Clinical Care Through Clinical Research

February 03, 2022


For women, the decision to opt for an unconventional career path can be inspired by conflicting responsibilities and balancing life with work. But, as Sana Syed, MD, MPH, explains, following your passion is still an achievable dream despite these challenges.