AASM AI/Autoscoring Certification Program: Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD


The assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine, and the chair of the AASM’s Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee, spoke to the new pilot program to certify sleep stage scoring AI software. [WATCH TIME: 3 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 3 minutes

“As AI becomes more mainstream, and touches everybody’s life in almost all fields of medicine, AASM knew this was something that was definitely going to start influencing sleep medicine. More so because sleep medicine is very uniquely positioned where we have patients come into our sleep labs and do sleep studies, and where we have these 8 hours of beautiful, uninterrupted physiological data. That, traditionally, has been scored manually, which is very labor intensive.”

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in day-to-day clinical care has become more widespread in recent years. Many algorithms have been assessed for a variety of purposes, including differential diagnosis and monitoring. In sleep medicine, opportunities have arisen to utilize such technologies in the labor-intensive acts of monitoring and scoring sleep stages.

Realizing the need to validate and verify these software platforms that have been built by a number of companies, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has established a 2-year pilot program, call the AI/Autoscoring Certification Program, which will independently verify the performance of these auto-scoring systems.1 Currently, the focus is solely on polysomnograms for sleep stage scoring, with the software being assessed needing to demonstrate accuracy that is equivalent or better than manual scoring to be certified.

Applications to the program will be accepted starting in late 2022 or early 2023. To find out more about it and the benefits of validating such AI technologies in clinical practice, NeurologyLive® caught up with Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, and the chair of the AASM’s Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee, to discuss the new program.

Per the AASM, companies using auto-score technology that would like to learn more about the AI/Autoscoring Pilot Certification Program, can contact the AASM at AIGSP@aasm.org.

1. American Academy of Sleep Medicine developing auto-scoring certification. News release. AASM. August 29, 2022. Accessed September 6, 2022. https://aasm.org/american-academy-of-sleep-medicine-developing-auto-scoring-certification/
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