Anup Patel, MD: Transmitting Epilepsy Information Correctly


The associate professor of clinical pediatrics and neurology at Ohio State University and section chief of pediatric neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital stresses the importance of broadcasting correct information to the public concerning epilepsy.

“We as a collective group of epilepsy providers need to have the knowledge and education and speak the same language and same facts.”

Anup Patel, MD, sat down with NeurologyLive at the 2019 International Epilepsy Congress to discuss how the health care community who prescribes cannabidiol (CBD) to patients with epilepsy needs to do a better job of communicating the facts about treatment.

Both doctors and pharmaceutical companies need to present accurate and clear information regarding CBD when discussing methods of treating epilepsy, Patel said, including the difference between pharmaceutical-grade CBD versus over-the-counter products containing CBD available at a dispensary or online. In addition, he touched on how better communication between doctors and patients can result in more safe and effective treatment of epilepsy.

In this interview, Patel provided a call to action to the health care community to become more educated on CBD so that they can be more prepared when patients come to them with questions.

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