Elizabeth Gerard, MD: Genetic Testing in Adults With Epilepsy


The associate professor of neurology and director of the Women With Epilepsy Program at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine discussed the use of genetic testing in the adult epilepsy population.

“In our study, of 95 patients, we were able to give a diagnostic answer to 18 patients—that’s 19% of our adult population that we saw, specifically for genetic testing, that we were able to give an answer.”

As the field of genetics improves and interest in research and development in the field increases, the ability for medical professionals to take advantage of what it can provide has had a similar upward trajectory. One of the benefits is genetic testing, something that has grown in interest among patients.

In epilepsy, genetic testing has become an important diagnostic tool for physicians treating adult patients with epilepsy. One of those physicians is Elizabeth Gerard, MD, associate professor of neurology, and director, Women With Epilepsy Program, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, who has an adult epilepsy center at her institution. Over the past few years, they’ve offered this sort of testing for the adult population.

To find out more about what this program has uncovered and how this type of testing is helpful for physicians and their patients, NeurologyLive spoke with Gerrard.

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