Episode 76: ECTRIMS 2022 and the Latest in MS Advances


Mind Moments®, a podcast from NeurologyLive®, brings you exclusive interviews with Darin Okuda, MD; Federica Picariello, PhD; Brenda Banwell, MD; Riley Bove, MD; Tomas Kalincik, MD, PhD; and Marisa McGinley, DO. [LISTEN TIME: 34 minutes]

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The Mind Moments® podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in the field discussing the latest research and disease management strategies across the breadth of neurology, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, dementia, sleep disorders, and more.

Episode 76, "ECTRIMS 2022 and the Latest in MS Advances," features exclusive interviews with a number of experts in the clinical care of MS who were in attendance at the 2022 ECTRIMS Congress, including Darin T. Okuda, MD, FAAN, FANA, director of Neuroinnovation and Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunology Imaging Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center; Federica Picariello, PhD, a health psychologist and postgraduate research associate at King's College London; Brenda Banwell, MD, chief of the Division of Neurology and codirector of the Neuroscience Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Riley Bove, MD, associate professor of neurology, University of California, San Francisco; Tomas Kalincik, MD, PhD, Dame Kate Campbell Professorial Fellow, head of the Clinical Outcomes Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, and head of the MS Centre at the Royal Melbourne Hospital; and Marisa McGinley, DO, a neurologist at the Mellen Center for MS at Cleveland Clinic.

They joined the show to recap their experience at the 2022 ECTRIMS Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and highlight some of the key topics of discussion and data presentations from the annual meeting.

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1:15 – Darin Okuda, MD, on the implications of the ARISE data in RIS

5:50 – Federica Picariello, PhD, on addressing fatigue and its mechanisms

10:40 – Brenda Banwell, MD, on advances in pediatric-onset MS

16:05 – Riley Bove, MD, on treatment NMOSD in pregnancy and post partum

21:30 – Tomas Kalincik, MD, PhD, on stem cell transplantation in MS

27:00 – Marisa McGinley, DO, on the optimal experience of teleneurology

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