Expanding Diversity in Neurology, Inclusive Communication and Accessibility: Diana M. Cejas, MD, MPH


The assistant professor of neurology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discussed the importance of recognizing disability as part of diversity in neurology, emphasizing the need for inclusive communication and accessibility for disabled patients. [WATCH TIME: 10 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 10 minutes

"If we're thinking about this from a universal user design standpoint, having things be much more accessible for one person can make it accessible for so many more people in ways that you wouldn't expect."

In recent years, there has been more of a growing recognition that true diversity not only encompasses just the identities of race, gender, and sexual orientation. There is also more acknowledgment of the concept of disability as an important aspect of diversity, which continues to challenge traditional clinical perspectives and promotes a shift to more inclusive care.

Recently, at the 2023 American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting, April 22-27, in Boston, Massachusetts, Diana M. Cejas, MD, MPH, presented a talk on disability and identity in neurology during a seminar titled “Perspective on Disability in the History of Neurology.” The rest of the seminar reviewed how history shapes concepts of disability not only in neurology but also in society as a whole. In the seminar, Cejas and colleagues shared actionable ways for clinicians to improve care for their patients with disabilities and acknowledged the importance of studying the history of neurology as a way to better understand models in current practice.1

Cejas, assistant professor of neurology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, sat down with NeurologyLive® in an interview after the meeting to discuss the topics that were brought up during her talk. She talked about how clinicians can shift from a medical model to a sociocultural model when understanding disability in neurology. Cejas also spoke about the steps clinicians can take to make their communication more inclusive and accessible in their clinical practice. In addition, she shared her insight into how recognizing disability as part of human variation can contribute to improving healthcare outcomes.

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Editor’s Note:Cejas has disclosed that she serves as a National Disability Advisory Board Member with Centene Managed Care Company.

1. Cejas D. Disability and Identity. Presented at: 2023 AAN Annual Meeting; April 22-27, Boston, Massachusetts. Perspective on Disability in the History of Neurology seminar.

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