Future Directions in Epilepsy Management: Closing the Gap


Anup Patel, MD: The only other important data I would like to have shared from this meeting were related to some of the other studies that looked at novel treatments in both pediatric and adult epilepsy. I think there remains a gap as far as the medications used to treat patients with epilepsy, because there are still patients who do have epilepsy. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to a lot of that information because not all of the abstracts are available at my time of review, but I hope that in the future we’re able to get that.

The other aspects of the annual meeting for the American Academy of Neurology that we weren’t able to have access to was the content around quality measures and quality improvement. There was a significant portfolio of sessions related to these important topics, and I’m hopeful that at the 2021 meeting, this gap can be closed, and we can all convene back in person. The final thing I have to say about missing meetings is I also miss the aspects of the social interactions I have with my friends, colleagues, and other professionals in the field. I hope, once again, we’ll see each other in person sometime in the near future.

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