IJMSC September/October 2023 Highlights


Review the latest peer-reviewed articles dedicated to the multidisciplinary management of multiple sclerosis published in the International Journal of MS Care.

The International Journal of MS Care is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open access journal and the official journal of the Consortium of MS Centers. The journal strives to be useful and pertinent to all who are part of an MS care team, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and more.

As part of NeurologyLive's ongoing partnership with the CMSC, we're happy to spotlight some of the latest peer-reviewed articles published in IJMSC.

This issue has 3 articles that feature DMTs, a study on adherence and persistence, an adherence intervention, and a case study of serum sickness/serum sickness-like reactions in 2 individuals. NMOSD is featured in an article on hospital readmission rates. Sleep takes center stage in a systematic review of behavioral interventions. Finally, upper extremity function gets the focus it warrants, separate from gait and balance.

Our CE offering this month is on AI, specifically machine learning. A fascinating introduction and explanation that explores what is currently being done in the field and then imagines where the future might take MS care.


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