Latest from The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

Final thoughts on the 2019 CMSC annual meeting and future directions for the procedure for MRI protocols in detecting MS and international alignments.
The importance of a standardized examination, educating payers about how the scan is going to be used, and patients being active in advocating for their care.
Addressing payer-related issues in making the right management decisions to accommodate both the patient and scanner cost.
Overcoming barriers such as the lack of CMSC protocol use, making it user friendly, and reluctance to change protocols.
Optimizing a standardized examination, how MRI should be used in a clinical setting, and the need to be internationally aligned.
A discussion on PML monitoring in multiple sclerosis and approaching modifications to the MAGNIMS guidelines to stay current in clinical practice. The importance of educating the technician on the guidelines is also reviewed.
Leaders of the CMSC Working Group on MRI protocols and clinical guidelines express the need for a unified approach to diagnosing and monitoring multiple sclerosis.
The consistency and quality of the MRI scanner in detecting new lesions for multiple sclerosis is examined.
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