Lara Jehi, MD: Pros and Cons of Epilepsy Surgery


The chief research officer and epilepsy specialist at Cleveland Clinic detailed the patient-centered pros and cons associated with epilepsy surgery, as well as the stigmas related to it.

“There are a lot of fears out there. Some justified, but some due to just misperception and misinformation that may stop someone from getting to the point of looking at brain surgery.”

With any form of surgery, there are stigmas that come alongside. Epilepsy surgery, often underutilized and under recommended, is no different. Although, recently published data from a group of researchers revealed that both the procedure and referral are cost-effective for patients with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy compared to standard medical management.

The data has potential to raise eyebrows within the epilepsy community, and ultimately sway more patients to not only get the surgery, but to at least have their eligibility evaluated. Senior author of the study Lara Jehi, MD, feels as though patients don’t fully understand the benefits that come with epilepsy surgery and encourages those eligible to at least consider it knowing their medication will probably not improve their quality of life.

Jehi, who is an epilepsy specialist and the chief research officer at Cleveland Clinic, discussed whether the benefits outweigh the cons of epilepsy surgery. She also provided insight on the truth behind the stigmas related to epilepsy surgery and whether patient fears are legitimate.

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