Medical News: Opioid OD; Maternal Mortality; and More


What percentage of opioid overdose deaths in the US are linked to prescription opioids? This question and more in our quiz.

Medical News: Opioid OD; Maternal Mortality; and More

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D. 50%

According to the CDC, about 50% of opioid overdose deaths in the US are linked to prescription opioids. The prescription drugs most commonly involved are methadone, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. Approximately 25% of people who are prescribed opioids for long-term treatment of noncancer pain in the outpatient setting may be addicted.

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A. None of the above

Between 1990-2015, maternal mortality decreased in high income countries worldwide with one notable exception: the US. Over this period, maternal mortality actually increased by 26% in the US. That put the US above Iran, Vietnam, Russia and Romania, where maternal mortality rates declined.

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B. Lightning strike

Americans have about the same chance of dying from a lightning strike as a Japanese person has of dying from gun violence. In Japan, about one person in 10 million is killed by gun violence each year. In contrast, gun violence kills 31 people per million each year in the US-- about 27 people killed every day of the year-and represents the third leading cause of death among men aged 15 to 29. The number of deaths from gun violence makes the US an extreme outlier among industrialized nations.

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A. True

Puerto Rico plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. The island has manufacturing facilities for 12 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and makes 7 of the top 10 pharmaceuticals sold worldwide. The FDA set up a hurricane drug shortage task force to help prevent shortages of drugs and medical devices made in Puerto Rico. The FDA has said that this effort parallels its work to ensure that Puerto Ricans affected by the hurricane receive safe medical products, blood and food.

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