NeurologyLive Friday 5 — October 9, 2020


Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive's highlights from the week ending October 9, 2020.

Welcome to NeurologyLive's Friday 5! Every week, the staff compiles 5 highlights of NeurologyLive's widespread coverage in neurology, ranging from newsworthy study findings and FDA action to expert interviews and peer-to-peer panel discussions.

1: Alzheimer Disease Research: What’s New and What’s Next?

James Leverenz, MD, director of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at Cleveland Clinic, discussed the strides made in Alzheimer disease research and the importance of diversity in research populations.

2: Peer Exchange: Acute Treatment of Migraine: Progress With Novel Medications

The panel reviews outcome expectations for the acute treatment of migraine, and Jelena Pavlovic, MD, PhD, provides insight on her personal experience as both a clinician and migraine sufferer.

3: Mind Moments Ep. 19: The Vascular Implications of Alzheimer Disease

"Mind Moments," a podcast from NeurologyLive, brings you an exclusive interview with Costantino Iadecola, MD, Anne Titzell Professor of Neurology, and director and chair, Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medicine.

4: NIH Awards Grant For Parkinson Disease Dementia Research

The 5-year grant will support a research project that will use biomarkers to develop a predictive mathematical model to identify specific individuals with Parkinson disease who may develop dementia.

5: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD, DrMed: Using Machine Learning to Diagnose Dystonia

The director of Laryngology Research at Mass Eye and Ear spoke to the use of machine learning programs, such as DystoniaNet, to aid physicians in the diagnosis of dystonia.

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