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NeurologyLive® Friday 5 — September 9, 2022

Disease Spotlight | <b>Disease Spotlight: Insomnia</b>

Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive®'s highlights from the week ending September 9, 2022.

Welcome to NeurologyLive®'s Friday 5! Every week, the staff compiles 5 highlights of NeurologyLive®'s widespread coverage in neurology, ranging from newsworthy study findings and FDA action to expert interviews and peer-to-peer panel discussions.

1: Peer Exchange: NMOSD Misdiagnosis and Health Outcomes

In episode 2 of the NeurologyLive® Peer Exchange series, "Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) Care in Diverse Patient Populations," Michael Levy, MD, PhD, leads a discussion on negative health outcomes associated with misdiagnosis of NMOSD, the likelihood of disability and relapse, and educating patients about the disease, featuring Michael Yeaman, PhD; Mirla Avila, MD; and Mitzi Williams, MD.

2: Mind Moments® Episode 72: Updates in Epilepsy Treatment

Mind Moments®, a podcast from NeurologyLive®, brings you an exclusive interview with Christopher Elder, MD, who discussed the state of care for patients with epilepsy, the drug and treatment developments on the horizon, and the need to further discuss the risks of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, or SUDEP.

3: NeuroVoices: Lynn Bekris, PhD, on sTREM2 and GFAP to Differentiate Cognitive Status, Trajectory

In the latest edition of our in-depth Q&A series, the molecular biologist at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute provided commentary on how certain activity markers may help understand immune response differences in Alzheimer disease and related dementias.

4: AI’s Potential to Help Improve Insomnia Care: Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD

The assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine, and the chair of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee, discussed the potential of AI to progress care paradigms in insomnia.

5: FDA Action Update, August 2022: Responses, Extensions, and Approvals

Several FDA actions took place over the course of August 2022, including some positive data announcements and plans for application submissions, a complete response letter and an application extension, as well as new drug approval and availability, among others. Catch up on any of the neurology news headlines you may have missed over the course of the last month, compiled all into one place by the NeurologyLive® team.