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NeurologyLive® Top Expert Interviews: October 2021

Expert clinicians offer their perspectives on the ongoing shortage of neurologists, stigmas associated with migraine, diets for those with epilepsy, mesenchymal stem cells in MS, and other topics.

The NeurologyLive® team has been as busy as always bringing you the latest clinical news and research updates in neurology over the last month, including conducting several interviews with experts across a number of different and varying topics.

Among these included a conversation about the ongoing shortage of neurologists and how clinicians can address it with Jennifer Majersik, MD, MS; the importance of educating youths with epilepsy on diets, especially in the transition stages of care with Robyn Blackford, RD, LDN; the array of issues patients with migraine face and why her personal experience may resonate with patients with Courtney White, MD; the use of MSC-NTF cells in progressive MS and the data backing this approach with Jeffrey Cohen, MD; and the use of telehealth and future research efforts for integrative medicine in MS, with Megan Weigel, DNP, APRN-C, APHN-C, MSCN.

Click through the slides to see and read more from each expert’s exclusive conversation with NeurologyLive® in October 2021.

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