NeurologyLive Top Expert Interviews: September 2021


Expert clinicians offer their perspectives on the ongoing shortage of neurologists, transgender and gender-diverse individuals with migraine, artificial intelligence and neuroimaging, Student Sleep Health Week 2021, and the importance of rehabilitation therapy in multiple sclerosis.

The NeurologyLive team has been as busy as always bringing you the latest clinical news and research updates in neurology over the last month, including conducting several interviews with experts across a number of different and varying topics.

Among these included an exploration of the ongoing shortage of neurologists and its effect on care, research into the transgender and gender-diverse with migraine, the future of artificial intelligence and neuroimaging, takeaways from Student Sleep Health Week 2021, and the importance of rehabilitation therapy in multiple sclerosis care, among several other topics.

Click through the slides to see and read more from each expert’s exclusive conversation with NeurologyLive in September 2021.

To hear more insight from experts in the clinical care of patients and leading researchers in neurology, check out more of NeurologyLive's videos.

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