Open-Label Data vs Real-World Data for Anti-CD20 Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis


Ahmed Obeidat, MD, PhD, Riley Bove, MD, Stephen Krieger, MD, and Erin Longbrake, MD, PhD, discuss the utility of real-world data, particularly when it comes to understanding subtle differences between agents from both a safety and efficacy perspective.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Ahmed Obeidat, MD, PhD; Riley Bove, MD; Stephen Krieger, MD; and Erin Longbrake, MD, PhD.

The discussion delves into the importance of considering both clinical trial data and real-world evidence when evaluating the long-term safety and efficacy of disease-modifying therapies, particularly those targeting CD20. Dr. Longbrake highlights the differences between open-label extension data, which typically involves patients who have responded well to medication and therefore may not represent the entire patient population, and real-world data, which can be messier but offers insights into the broader patient experience.

Real-world data, despite its challenges with systematic data capture, provides a more comprehensive view of how treatments perform in diverse patient populations. The speaker emphasizes the complementary nature of these data sources, with each offering unique perspectives on treatment outcomes and informing clinical decision-making.

Incorporating real-world evidence into clinical practice requires careful consideration of biases and individual patient experiences. While adverse events observed in practice may influence decision-making, it's essential to balance these anecdotes with the broader evidence base. Large-scale studies leveraging real-world data can uncover nuanced differences in treatment effectiveness and safety that may not be apparent in clinical trials, providing valuable insights for optimizing patient care.

Moreover, real-world data play a crucial role in understanding treatment outcomes in unique circumstances, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion underscores the importance of staying updated with real-world evidence to inform clinical decision-making and ensure the ongoing improvement of patient care strategies.

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