Addressing Inflammation Upon the Diagnosis of MS


Ahmed Obeidat, MD, PhD, Riley Bove, MD, Stephen Krieger, MD, and Erin Longbrake, MD, PhD, review the practical application of PIRA in clinical approaches to addressing inflammation and slowing the progression of MS.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Ahmed Obeidat, MD, PhD; Riley Bove, MD; Stephen Krieger, MD; and Erin Longbrake, MD, PhD.

In the conversation, integration of the concept of progression independent of relapse activity (PIRA) into clinical practice is discussed. The importance of categorizing patients into distinct boxes, such as relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) or progressive MS, and the impact this has on patient engagement and treatment decisions is highlighted. With the advent of FDA-approved therapies for progressive MS, there is renewed focus on maintaining patient engagement and exploring treatment options.

The need for a comprehensive approach to MS management, addressing both inflammatory disease activity and progressive disability accumulation, is emphasized. Advocacy for early initiation of therapy to control inflammation effectively, aiming to minimize long-term disease impact, is present. This approach aligns with the idea that initiating disease-modifying therapies early in the disease course yields better outcomes.

Furthermore, the conversation underscores the importance of ongoing discussions with patients regarding their treatment goals and the holistic management of MS. Emphasis is placed on lifestyle factors such as exercise and healthy habits in maintaining overall brain health, highlighting the multifaceted nature of MS management. Overall, the discussion emphasizes the need for a tailored approach to MS care, considering both disease activity and patient-centered goals for optimal outcomes.

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