Partnering Clinicians With Parents as a Motivator for Pediatric Epilepsy Research: Zachary Grinspan, MD, MS


The pediatric epilepsy specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City spoke on how meetings such as the 2022 AES Conference bring clinicians together as well as how parents motivate them to advance pediatric epilepsy research. [WATCH TIME: 6 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 6 minutes

“Parents have figured out how to motivate us as clinician scientists, and they're really good at it. The genetic revolution has made this much more concrete because when children get a genetic diagnosis, they go online and they often find parent groups focused around the gene.”

The 2022 American Epilepsy Society (AES) Annual Meeting , held December 2 to 6, in Nashville, Tennessee, had several hundreds of attendees, including Zachary Grinspan, MD, MS, who participated in numerous talks in sessions throughout his time. With a main focus in pediatric epilepsy, Grinspan shared some of his experiences in that area of study.

Grinspan participated in was the Pediatric State of the Art Symposium where he gave a talk about using the Pediatric Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System (PELHS) to assist with answering the bigger questions that come up in research. PEHLS collects administrative and clinical data entered at the point of care, aggregates and analyzes the data across multiple sites, then regularly reports findings back to sites to continuously improve care.

In a recent interview with NeurologyLive® at AES 2022, Grinspan, an epilepsy specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine, talked about the opportunities that happen when attending such meetings. He also spoke about how parents motivate clinicians to do research and produce results that could lead to potential treatments for children with epilepsy.

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1. Grinspan Z. The Pediatric Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System (PELHS): Answering Big Questions with Bigger Data. Presented at: AES Annual Meeting; December 2-6, 2022; Nashville, TN, and virtual. Pediatric State of the Art Symposium.

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