Shifting the Paradigm of Clinical Research in Alzheimer Disease With the COCOA Trial: Jared Roach, MD, PhD


The senior research scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology spoke about changing the perception of clinical trials for Alzheimer disease research based on the COCOA trial presented at the 2022 CTAD conference. [WATCH TIME: 2 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 2 minutes

“I think there are ways to increase data sharing where it's a win-win [situation]. One of the things we're doing by getting dense data on individuals, like in a cohort study, is we're learning a tremendous amount of biology and we're learning the nuances of what we're doing so that we can fine tune and personalize things.”

Presently, for individuals with Alzheimer disease (AD), there is a need for more interventional treatments that are effective. As lifestyle factors have been known to play a role in the incidence rate of AD, investigators such as Jared Roach, MD, and colleagues, suggest that research on AD should include several personalized interventions that would tailor to reducing the progression of AD.1

Roach and colleagues recently performed a randomized controlled trial with a developed multimodal intervention program that resulted in a 95% retention rate and a 86% compliance rate for patients with early AD.1 The program is an example of shifting the paradigm of clinical trial research for the prevention of cognitive decline based on lifestyle behaviors and how to explain the targeted biological systems at play.

Recently, at the 2022 Clinical Trials on Alzheimer Disease (CTAD) conference, held November 29 to December 2, in San Francisco, California, Roach, a senior research scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology, sat down with NeurologyLive® and spoke about the types of research that impact the clinical trial field, specifically with Alzheimer disease. He explained how his research has changed the perception of clinical trials and what the goal is going forward into future investigations.

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1. McEwen SC, Merrill DA, Bramen J, et al. A systems-biology clinical trial of a personalized multimodal lifestyle intervention for early Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimers Dement (N Y). 2021;7(1):e12191. Published 2021 Jul 20. doi:10.1002/trc2.12191
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