Stroke: 5 New Findings


Here: 5 new things to know about stroke -- its link with perioperative A-fib; the danger of cocaine; rehab possibilities with an Alzheimer drug; reducing stroke risk with potassium; and a potential screen for occult A-fib after cryptogenic stroke.

In the 5 slides that follow, you’ll summaries of key findings from 5 recent articles about stroke. Among the highlights:1 Perioperative A-fib” confers a long-term increase in ischemic stroke risk.2. Cocaine can spell cardio/cerebrovascular danger--regardless of route of ingestion.3. An Alzheimer drug appears to have promise for stroke victims.4. In older women, potassium can reduce stroke risk.5. Monitoring of the radial artery pulse may be a useful means of screening for occult A-fib in patients with cryptogenic stroke. 

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Anton P. Porsteinsson, MD
Anton P. Porsteinsson, MD
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