This Week on NeurologyLive — January 4, 2021


Here's what is coming soon to NeurologyLive.

Every week, the NeurologyLive staff prepares this preview of what to expect from our coverage. This week on NeurologyLive, there are a number of hot topics that we will be posting throughout the week.

The NeurologyLive Mind Moments podcast recently aired a look back on 2020 with Episode 25, titled, "2020 Wrap Up: Silver Linings." The episode includes an interview with Jennifer Frontera, MD, neuro-intensivist, NYU Langone Health, who updated us on her latest experiences working on the front lines of the pandemic, as well as a number of specialists across the breath of neurology who offered their silver linings from an incredibly challenging year in medicine.

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This week’s NeuroVoices features Raymond Sanchez, MD chief medical officer, Cereval. He offered an update on the progress the company is making in its phase 3 development of tavapadon, which is being assessed for the treatment of both early- and late-stage Parkinson’s disease. He spoke about the orally-bioavailable, once-daily partial agonist that selectively targets dopamine D1/D5 receptor subtypes and what to expect from that ongoing trial.

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The latest from our Cure Connections series, “The Multiple Sclerosis Patient Journey” also air this week! The series features a panel that includes experts such as June Halper, MSN, MSCN, Fredrick Foley, PhD, and Patricia Coyle, MD. Ann Moore, a patient with multiple sclerosis, and Kathy Zelles, her care partner, join the panel as well to discuss Moore’s unique journey and provide first-hand experience of what it’s like to live with MS.

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A conversation with Josh Chen, PhD, research assistant professor, Department of Neurology, NYU Langone Health, will air during NeurologyLive's segment on the Medical World News channel this Thursday, January 7, 2020. Chen sat down with us to discuss his recently published findings from a study assessing a white matter lesion mapping tool that analyzes tissue damage seen on MRI brain scans, detecting the early signs of cognitive decline with more than 70% accuracy.

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