Recognition and Paradigm Shift in Treatment Strategies For OFF Fluctuations and Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease


The neurology doctors discuss motor fluctuations and dyskinesia associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

0:00 Introduction

1:04 Off Fluctuations and Dyskinesia are still an Unmet Need in Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

3:44 Setting Patient Expectations and Recognizing OFF Fluctuations

7:58 Changes in Understanding of OFF in PD

9:46 Importance of Gut Physiology in PD

12:33 Treating both OFF Fluctuations and Dyskinesia in Patients with PD

13:43 Formulations of Levodopa

15:21 Dopamine Agonists in PD

17:53 Non-dopaminergic Strategies

18:40 Amantadine DR/ER in PD

20:21 Shifting the Paradigm towards Management of Motor Complications in PD

23:11 On-demand Therapy and Optimization of “Time to ON”

28:44 Istradefylline

29:32 Emerging Treatments and Pearls to Physicians, Patients and Caregivers

35:07 Final Remarks

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