Author | Heidi Moawad, MD


Managing Vestibular Migraine: Optimizing Diagnosis and Treatment

January 01, 2020

With a differential diagnosis that varies from patient to patient, identifying and treating vestibular migraine continues to challenge even the most experienced clinicians.

The Need for Prognostic Indicators in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis

December 01, 2019

Diagnoses have increased with disease awareness, highlighting a great need for markers to help influence treatment decisions.

Young Man Who Has Become Uncomfortably Numb

July 23, 2019

A 27-year-old man has had right arm numbness for about 2 weeks. What’s in your differential?

The Eyes Have It: Post-Pregnancy Blurred Vision With Leg Tingling

July 15, 2019

Six months after delivering a healthy baby girl, a physician experiences intermittent blurred vision and tingling in her left leg. Her diagnosis might surprise you.