Claire Henchcliffe, MD, DPhil


AUPN 2022 Women Leaders in Neurology

Laurie Gutmann, MD; Gauri Pawar, MD; and Claire Henchcliffe, MD, discuss their own paths in medicine and observations of other women leaders. [WATCH TIME: 1 hour, 51 minutes]

Shadi Yaghi, MD


Shadi Yaghi, MD: Future Research on Stroke and COVID-19

The assistant professor and director of Clinical Vascular Neurology Research at NYU Langone shares his reaction to data that has been published and what needs to be researched going forward.

Andrew Satlin, MD


Andrew Satlin, MD: Lumateperone for Agitation in Patients with Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

Data from an interim analysis of the lumateperone large phase III clinical trial for agitation in subjects with dementia is expected by the end of 2018.

Kelvin Tsoi, PhD


Kelvin Tsoi, PhD: Combination Therapy, Monotherapy in Alzheimer Disease

After identifying and reviewing 76 randomized trials, combination therapy with memantine and AChEIs is confirmed to have no additional benefits over monotherapy.

Carlos A. Williams, MD


Exploring the Burden of Cerebrovascular Disease in Virginia

Located in the “Stroke Belt” of the US, Virginia presents a unique perspective on the interplay of social, ethnic, and cultural implications on population health.

David Wolk, MD


David Wolk, MD: Utilizing MRI in Alzheimer Disease

The co-director of the University of Pennsylvania Memory Center will share additional insights on Alzheimer disease at the upcoming International Congress on the Future of Neurology, taking place September 27-28, 2019 in New York City.

Richard Isaacson, MD


Focusing on the Future of Neurology at IFN 2022: Richard Isaacson, MD

The director of the Center for Brain Health and Alzheimer prevention clinic at FAU medicine provides commentary about his time at the fourth annual International Congress on the Future of Neurology. [WATCH TIME: 4 minutes]

Jenny van der Steen, PhD


Jenny van der Steen, PhD: Utilizing Palliative Care in Dementia

The associate professor at Leiden University Medical Center detailed how palliative care can be used more effectively in patients with dementia.

John F. Brandsema, MD


Key Considerations in Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy / Considerações essenciais para o tratamento da atrofia muscular espinhal

The expert panel shares clinical pearls for treatment and management of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. O painel de especialistas compartilha recomendações valiosas para o tratamento e manejo da atrofia muscular espinhal.

Reisa Sperling, MD


Refining Our Strategy in Alzheimer Disease: Amyloid, Tau, and Beyond

Reisa Sperling, MD sat down with NeurologyLive to discuss why she thinks investigational drugs for Alzheimer disease are failing, and what she feels are the most promising treatment avenues.

Howard Weiner, MD


Howard Weiner, MD: Entering a New Era in MS

The director of the Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital spoke about the future of multiple sclerosis.

Basil Darras, MD


Complexities With SMN2 Copies in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Basil Darras, MD

The associate neurologist-in-chief at Boston Children’s Hospital discussed the 4-copy conundrum and whether treatment decisions differ based on SMN2 copies for patients with spinal muscular atrophy. [WATCH TIME: 2 minutes]

Marisa McGinley, DO


Positive Response of Telehealth as Additional Option for Care in MS: Marisa McGinley, DO

The staff neurologist from the Mellen Center for MS Treatment and Research at the Cleveland Clinic discussed how patients with multiple sclerosis are more open to using telehealth for accessing their healthcare providers at the 2023 ACTRIMS Forum. [WATCH TIME: 4 minutes]

Kate Davis, MD, MSTR


Kate Davis, MD, MSTR: Increasing Treatment Options for Epilepsy Patients

The epileptologist at the University of Pennsylvania spoke about the multiple options for patients with epilepsy and the need for a better understanding of choosing from the options.

Thomas Castles


FDA Approves Riptide Aspiration System for Acute Ischemic Stroke

The FDA has approved the Riptide Aspiration System for thrombus retrieval via the Arc Catheter for revascularization in patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to intracranial large vessel occlusive disease.

Alireza Atri, MD, PhD


Future Outlook for Alzheimer’s Disease

Drs Atri, Cohen, Sabbagh and McDade share their enthusiasm and optimism about the future outlook for Alzheimer’s disease.

Alon Y. Avidan, MD, MPH


Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Assessment and Treatment

The long-term consequences of untreated—and prevalent—sleep disorders in children and adolescents point to a need for a focus on this field of care.

David Langer, MD


David Langer, MD: Answering the Call for COVID-19

The chair of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan recently joined the ranks of health care providers who are caring for COVID-19 patients at the temporary hospital set up in the Javits Center.

Tessa Blanken, MSc


Tessa Blanken, MSc: Identification of Robust, Clinically Relevant Insomnia Subtypes

The identification of the subtypes allows future studies to target homogeneous subtype samples, resolve inconsistencies, personalize treatment and utilize preventive interventions.

Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD


Marc Nuwer Explores the 2019 CPT Codes for Epilepsy

The professor and vice chair of the neurology department at UCLA discussed the new VNS, RNS and DBS CPT codes for 2019.

Joshua Cohen, MD


Joshua Cohen, MD: Fremanezumab's Impact on Quality of Life and Comorbidities

The Global Medical Lead for Migraine and Headache at Teva Pharmaceuticals provided insight into how fremanezumab has helped to improve these facets of the condition.

Chris Mazzolini


Eight Ways to Evaluate a Telehealth Vendor

A look at the questions you should be asking during the decision-making process of picking a telehealth vendor.

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