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April 2022

Pressing Gaps in Care Exist for Patients With Parkinson Disease

April 23, 2022

Cover Story

The pandemic has highlighted several large gaps in care that have created challenges for individuals with Parkinson disease, including a framework for addressing mental health and loneliness, and proper care for women with PD.

COVID-19 Shutdowns and the Disruption to Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment

April 22, 2022


While shutdowns disrupted care for all patients with Parkinson disease, hospitals were forced to postpone elective procedures such as the initial DBS device implantation and implantable pulse generator replacements.

PDE10A Inhibition in Tourette Syndrome

April 19, 2022


Despite progress in the understanding of Tourette syndrome and similar disorders, no clear cause of TS has been identified, nor are there treatment options that completely eliminate symptoms.

Awareness Empowers Care for Patients With Parkinson Disease

April 18, 2022

Letter From the Editor

Parkinson disease is neither imminently fatal nor transient but is incurable, and as it affects individuals differently based on their unique identities, culture, access to health care, and social support, it is vital to empower patients.

Nusinersen Shows Long-Term Safety, Benefits for Presymptomatic Infants With SMA

March 14, 2022

Conference Coverage

Data from the phase 2 NURTURE study of nusinersen (Spinraza; Biogen) suggest that long-term treatment with the agent is beneficial, and point to the importance of newborn screening and early treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Increases Protective Effects of Anti-CD20 Therapy in Patients With MS

March 05, 2022

In the Headlines

A third dose enhanced the number of responders to all variants and significantly increased CD8 T-cell responses, but the frequencies of Omicron-specific CD8 T-cells remained 70% of the responses specific to the vaccine strain.

CNM-Au8 Shows Effects on Brain Bioenergetic Metabolism, Supports Candidacy in Multiple Sclerosis

February 27, 2022

Conference Coverage

Mechanistic data from the phase 2 REPAIR-MS trial support blinded efficacy data from the VISIONARY-MS trial, suggesting that Clene Nanomedicine’s investigational CNM-Au8 has the potential to drive clinically meaningful improvements in recognized MS functional end points.