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August 2022

Perspectives From the Journey of the Patient With Rare Epilepsy

August 18, 2022

NeurologyLive Peer Exchange

Joseph E. Sullivan, MD; Kelly Knupp, MD; Mary Anne Meskis; and Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD, share insight into the patient and provider journey of LGS and Dravet syndrome, from diagnosis through treatment.

Shifting the Paradigm: Earlier Use of On-Demand Therapy for Treating OFF Time in Parkinson Disease

August 15, 2022

Letter From the Editor

Despite the availability of medications to relieve OFF episodes in Parkinson disease, widespread adoption of on-demand therapies has been less-than-ideal, marking the need to shift the treatment paradigm in PD.

FDA Accepts BLA for Lecanemab in Alzheimer Disease, Sets PDUFA Date for January 2023

July 07, 2022

In the Headlines

In addition to filing under the accelerated approval pathway, Eisai will submit for a traditional approval of lecenamab before the end of the first quarter of 2023, seeking an indication for mild cognitive impairment because of Alzheimer disease.

Women With MS Utilize Social Media to Discuss, Share Safety Concerns on DMT Use During Pregnancy

June 01, 2022

Conference Coverage

Investigators utilized a social media listening tool to evaluate and scale mentions of disease-modifying therapy use by women with multiple sclerosis, with the majority of concerns focused on safety and treatment reinitiation in the postpartum period.